Annual Report for the year 2021 – 2022

The Academic Session :

This year, right from the beginning the school was prepared for online classes from day one. With all the cyber safety measures in place, it was smooth going all the way.

For Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth, the classes were started on 1st June and for the others on 14th June 2021.

The classes for the primary and middle school kids was also commenced on 14th June.


Board Exam Results :

As per the instructions from the CBSE the internal test marks were calculated and sent to the board to calculate the final exam marks.

The board exams were not conducted due to the pandemic.

School Events :

The first event of the year, that is election for the school cabinet, saw the nomination, campaigning and voting online.

MEHUL KHATOR was elected as the HEAD BOY

AMITHA LAKSHMI was elected as the HEAD GIRL

AARYHAN Y R was elected as the Assistant Head Boy

AISHWARYA S was elected as the Assistant Head Girl


Online Classes :

Once we realised that online was the new normal, we decided to schedule classes as per the subject weightage to ensure the standard of education.A webinar on “Why the earth needs us more than ever?” with AvaniAvasthi and “Catch them Young” from Infosys etc and debate competitions like Company Inspirit were conducted inspite of the fact that education was online. We conducted Olympiads, competition titled “If I was Kalam” from the Vikram Sarabhai Science Foundationand even conducted plays virtually.


Online Inter house competitions :

All the interhouse competitions were shifted to online mode andsome new and innovative ones were also introduced. There were poetry, leaf art, Trunk and Trash, Photogenie, and story telling competitions were conducted online.

Apart from the usual inter house competitions, 2 truly mega events were conducted this year. We conducted the first ever virtual and third edition of VVMUN. It was a grand success with students from abroad like Singapore participating. We also conducted a dance competition which was done for different groups like students, parents etc and for different genres like classical and western. It was a tremendous success with the finals being telecast live on Youtube.


Worksheets and Written Exams :

We made a total of 3 Work sheets booklets which were distributed, collected, corrected and redistributed taking into account the safety of everyone involved. Things started going back to normal with the students coming back to school on and off starting September and the school went completely offline after Diwali holidays.

For all the students, the final exams were conducted in the school with the usual attention to detail and care for safety.


Board Exams

This year the board exams were conducted in 2 parts – The first term was a multiple choice question paper and the second term was a descriptive paper. The school had students from our own school writing the first term board exams. For the second term, we had students from 4 different schools writing their exams at our school. The exams went on for over a month during which time, the preparedness and the efficiency with which they were handled were exemplary.

Even all the board practicals were conducted which gave the appearance of almost normal after a year and more with a pandemic and lock down.

S. No.

Name of the Student

Class & Section






Chess Under 16 – Specialcategory

First place at state level




Air Gun Under 14 – Open Championship

Second rank at the state level




Basket ball

Silver medal at national level



Throw Away plastic competition

First place at district level





4th rank at district level




Salem Athletic events

Gold and Bronze medal at district level

With that as we close down on this academic year, we look forward to the world going back to the Pre Corona times.