About Us

Sethu Meenakshi Charities is a registered Charitable and Educational Trust. This Trust runs the Emerald Valley Public School which was started in the academic year 2008-2009.

Correspondent's Desk

Emerald Valley born after Golden Gates completed 25 years is indeed a second generation school. It is a school with a difference. Here at Emerald Valley, academics is important; but equally important are various aspects like sports, performing arts, life skills and value education. We believe that true learning happens outside the text books and the classrooms and we make sure the students get to explore various avenues besides the prescribed curriculum.

Emerald Valley provides ample opportunities and exposure to the students to learn about a variety of non academic subjects – from the common ones like yoga and taekwondo, art and craft, music and dance to relatively untried areas like farming, research, documentary making, alternate and sustainable development, green ventures etc.Here at Emerald Valley the children learn to grow up to be simple yet sophisticated, modest yet confident, modern in ideas yet rooted to their culture and traditions , bold yet compassionate and always aware of their rights and responsibilities.

Mrs. S. Meenakshi

Principal's Desk

Education transforms not just a person but also the society he or she lives in. At Emerald Valley we believe that the students should evolve as responsible, well informed and right thinking individuals. While we ensure that the students excel in academics, it is not the only focus area. They are groomed to be multifaceted – with active participation in sports, cultural, environmental and social activities.

Here at Emerald Valley all students are helped to discover their hidden potentials and with the wide spectrum of activities that we have, the children are able to explore and identify their special areas of interest and develop them.

We shall continue to do what we have always done, to bring up our  students with integrity and values who will be able to go out into the world as change makers and path breakers.