The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education
Higher secondary and High School Curriculum:

Our curriculum focuses on helping students to become independent learners. We emphasize on the development of individual thought process..

The CBSE prescribed NCERT text books are followed for all the groups that are offered.

We have the science , commerce and humanities streams with a wide range of skilled subjects like yoga , Web applications, Media and Fashion studies which the students can choose from.

Physical education is offered as an additional 6th subjects for the the higher secondary students.

In the High school we have the core subjects along with French, Hindi , Sanskrit and Tamil as second languages from which the students can choose.

Information technology is offered as an additional 6th subject for the students of 9th and 10th.

These core subjects are taught with multiple tools that includes research work,projects, enactment,role plays ,debates,guest lectures,online games,quiz,ppt,music,danceetc integrating art

Middle school curriculum :

In grades 6-8 we help our students to deepen their knowledge and skills in subjects like English,Tamil, Hindi, Sanskrit,French,Math, Science and SST.These core subjects are taught with multiple tools that includes research work,projects, enactment,role plays ,debates,guest lectures,online games,quiz,ppt,music,danceetc integrating art.We in our curriculum include additional subjects like Computer Science,Moral Instruction,Stem classes and Robotics. We lead them to the competitive world through a strong foundation of General knowledge with current affairs.

Our curriculum framework helps students to be interested and engaged with academics and co-curricular activities. The projects given are capable to apply learning to the real world, inculcate interest in subjects and learn the concepts in a meaningful way. The assessments are done where they can use their learning to demonstrate mastery of each concept.

Physical fitness is considered equally important to mental fitness. At EVPS we stress on physical education and encourage children to pick up multiple sports. These activities provide a platform for a child to acquire leadership skills and help to shape their character.

Co-curricular activities are also imbibed in our curriculum which includes music, dance, yoga,silambam, art & craft, school sports teams, clubs like IMUN,English debate,Tamil debate,general quiz,cookery,dramatics english and tamil,sewing,pottery,quilling and
band .We also inculcate students the need to protect and love their environment through AKKAAM (EVPS INITIATIVE)eco activities and projects namely paper making,paper bags from news,making eco products like scrubs,leaf plates etc.nursery raising,manure making,village outreach,no plastic campaign,free the tree,lake cleaning,tree planting,campus cleaning,loom activity and wealth from waste. All these activities promotes life skills, teaches personal responsibility in each student to become better citizens and human beings.

The strong link between our scholastic and co-scholastic activities help children to build their confidence, self esteem and to develop time management and organizational skills.

Primary School Curriculum :

Primary school covers a period of five years – Grades 1 to 5 and the curriculum has been designed to creatively prepare students to be adaptable for the later stages of their education while allowing them to cherish their childhood experiences. There is no formal examination for grades 1 to 3. The focus is on Activity-based learning which kindles the spirit of exploration and helps to acquire sound language skills, clarity of mathematical concepts and understanding of scientific concepts. Learning is enriched by a number of activities like nature walk, drama, story-telling, conversation, music, I.T., discussions and a wide range of artistic and hands-on activities. Scientifically-proven graded methods of teaching towards developing the skill to read and write are adopted. A full-fledged Composite Lab with graded lessons and Mathematics lab to suit the needs of the learners is also a unique feature of the Primary school. Our children are given an opportunity to pick a genre of their choice from the list of art integrated activities offered under TDC (Talent Development Course) such as Taekwondo, Pottery, Silambam, Western dance (freestyle) and Bharatnatayam.